OLAER Membrane accumulators OL – ELM

Because of their simple design, OLAER membrane accumulators OL – ELM are particularly suitable for secondary applications.
They are available in different versions. The different types of design give flexibility in respect of uses and applications, e.g. in the case of fluids with high viscosity, to compensate for leakage losses, to maintain pressure, to bridge the response time for pumps with variable delivery quantities or for cushioning purposes.

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OSP 775 - OLAER Clamps and brackets (269.3 KiB)

Liquid side

OSP 705 - OLAER Safety unit general informations (171.6 KiB)

OSP 710 - OLAER Safety unit DI 10 (328.9 KiB)

OSP 715 - OLAER Safety unit DI 16 (422.3 KiB)

Gas side

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Serie ELM-CE 0.075 bis 3,5 Liter / 100 bis 250 bar
Serie ELM-CE 0.75 bis 2 Liter / 350 bar
Serie ELM-CE 2,8 bis 3,5 Liter / 350 bar
Serie ELM--RFCE 0,16 bis 2,8 Liter / 100 bis 180 bar